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Bright Future is passionate about cultivating a community of awesome humans interested in the gold standard of living. We are a collective of mycologists, mystics, scientists, innovators and artists.

Keenan Bush, Bright Future Ambassador, Microdosing Culture, Magic Mushrooms, Tofino Surf Photography

Keenan Bush

Keenan Bush is the photographer, owner, and operator behind Tofino Surf Photography in Tofino, British Columbia. A full-time lover of nature and surfing, he has harmoniously united his passions for the sake of art. Keenan’s bright future in microdosing has brought forth a ‘Bob-Ross’ type of precision and focused ambition.

Keenan's Favourite Product

Keenan’s favourite product would definitely have to be the Magic Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Flavor. He’s an absolute lover of chocolate so of course this is his favourite way to microdose!

Cait Bousfield, Bright Future Ambassador, Microdosing Culture, Magic Mushrooms, Good Fortune Barbers

Cait Bousfield

Cait Bousfield is the visionary, owner, and operator of Good Fortune Barbershop in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A full-time dreamer and creative, she is someone who continually tries to push the needle forward, learn more, and do better.  Cait’s bright future in microdosing brought her the perfect mix of good feelings and grind to open up her kick-ass barbershop.

Cait's Favourite Product

Cait’s favourite product would be the Tincture in Neon Vision. She loves the energy that it gives her!

Neon vision tincture magic mushrooms bright future open box
Shawn Beaupre, Bright Future Ambassador, Microdosing Culture, Magic Mushrooms, Skateboarder

Shawn Beaupre

Shawn Beaupre is a multifaceted freedom-loving skateboarder from the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. With his natural curiosity and intuition, he is always looking to push beyond his comforts. Shawn’s bright future in microdosing has given him the accuracy and grace he needs to fully lock and load the Goldie Locks zone.

Shawn's Favourite Products

Shawn’s favourite products are The Hustler (100mg), The Party (300mg) and The Chocolate Bar. There were too many great products for him to choose just one!

The party mushroom capsules bright future open box

Spencer Hamilton

Spencer Hamilton is a professional skateboarder and proud dad from Vancouver, British Columbia. With his irrefutable focus and technical skills, he is no fan of the status quo. Spencer’s bright future in microdosing is simple – tranquility, smiles, and immaculate trick selections.

Spencer's Favourite Products

Shawn’s go to Bright Future dose is The Hustler. These capsules boosts your brain function including memory, mental speed and focus so you can achieve the optimal level of consciousness where you perform your best.  

The hustler mushroom capsules bright future open box

Ben Knight

Ben Knight is a co-founder of Slice of Life Vancouver, and the artist/owner behind SOL Signs and WET in Victoria, British Columbia. A full-time creator and collaborator his expertise in screen printing and traditional sign painting are coalesced into every aspect of his art and work. Ben’s bright future in microdosing has grounded inspiration and a no-bullshit level of focus.

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