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Bright Future is passionate about cultivating a community of awesome humans interested in the gold standard of living. We are a collective of mycologists, mystics, scientists, innovators and artists.

Keenan Bush, Bright Future Ambassador, Microdosing Culture, Magic Mushrooms, Tofino Surf Photography

Keenan Bush

Keenan is a photographer, artist and owner of “Tofino Surf Photography”. He combines his life long passion for the ocean and wild west coast waves with photography, graphic arts and multi-media printmaking. Say hello to our ambassador, Keenan Bush of Tofino, British Columbia.

Keenan's Favourite Product

Keenan’s favourite product would definitely have to be the Magic Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Flavor. He’s an absolute lover of chocolate so of course this is his favourite way to microdose!

Cait Bousfield, Bright Future Ambassador, Microdosing Culture, Magic Mushrooms, Good Fortune Barbers

Cait Bousfield

Cait Bousfield is owner, operator and visionary of Good Fortune Barbershop, and full time dreamer. If the karaoke machine is out – she’ll be singing AND dancing like the devil. Say hello to our ambassador, Cait Bousfield of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Cait's Favourite Product

Cait’s favourite product would be the Tincture in Neon Vision. She loves the energy that it gives her!

Neon vision tincture magic mushrooms bright future open box
Shawn Beaupre, Bright Future Ambassador, Microdosing Culture, Magic Mushrooms, Skateboarder

Shawn Beaupre

Shawn Beaupre is a skateboarder living in the Lower Mainland Area of BC. He loves being a skateboarder as its natural. By practicing every day, he gains new abilities and ideas to pursue. Microdosing helps boost Shawn’s intuition, which helps him understand new things easier.

Shawn's Favourite Products

Shawn’s favourite products are The Hustler (100mg), The Party (300mg) and The Chocolate Bar. There were too many great products for him to choose just one!

The hustler mushroom capsules bright future open box

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