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Keenan Bush is a Bright Future Ambassador, a photographer, artist and owner of “Tofino Surf Photography”. He combines his life long passion for the ocean and wild west coast waves with photography, graphic arts and multi-media printmaking.

He grew up in North Vancouver, surrounded by the local mountains and trails and an active and supportive family who loved to windsurf and ski. In 2013 he moved to Tofino and in 2016 started “Tofino Surf Photography”, offering surf photos and prints to the general public.

At the present day, Keenan works closely with companies and individuals from around the world, offering a wide variety of prints and stock photos for marketing, social media and more!

Keenan Bush, Bright Future Ambassador, Microdosing Culture, Magic Mushrooms, Tofino Surf Photography

Let’s dive in and get to know Our Ambassador keenan!

Who are you?

My name is Keenan Bush and I am a Surf Photographer in Tofino, British Columbia.

Who are you, really?!

I’m a part time surfboard salesman and a full time sea otter.

What was your first experience with microdosing like?

My first experience with a microdose was a lot different than I expected. I went into the experience being fearful of what the effects would be, and wondering if I would end up in some strange Alice in Wonderland-like scenario and lose my grasp on reality.

I ended up becoming fully immersed in the experience without having any of the anxiety I thought would come with it, and I was able to visualize certain things with a new perspective and gain insight into the world around me, as well as reflect on people, relationships and events in the past and present moments of my life.

Why do you make the conscious choice to microdose on a regular basis?

I microdose on a regular basis because it helps me to maintain my focus and creativity and feel better about myself on a daily basis. We all struggle with being self conscious at times and at the right times microdosing really helps me to believe in myself, stay positive and move through life with confidence.

Since I started microdosing I feel improvement in my mood and overall energy level throughout the day. As an artist and creator, it helps me find that extra little bit of drive and focus and keeps me motivated to get things done on my to do list, both at work and at play.

What strategies do you use to enhance your mental health?

I don’t have much in the way of a specific strategy that I use to improve my mental health, I kind of like to just go with the flow of life and listen to my gut instincts.

I try to feel my best so that I can do my best every day, and a big part of that for me is eating healthy foods that agree with my body and getting plenty of exercise and time in nature or the ocean every day to bring clarity of mind and inspiration and balance out the screen time I have to put in with my photography and art.

Where do you find inspiration for photography?

My inspiration for photography generally comes from just trying to capture a moment or vision that I can see through my own eyes or imagination and I want to be able to share with someone else.

There are a ton of super talented photographers that I am inspired by, but I don’t have a favourite or a particular style that I try to emulate. I just pick up the camera, put on whatever lens or settings seem to work for the moment and see what happens when you press the shutter button.

Keenan Bush, Bright Future Ambassador, Microdosing Culture, Magic Mushrooms, Tofino Surf Photography

What’s your favourite Bright Future product? Why?

My favourite product would definitely have to be the Magic Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Flavor. I am an absolute lover of chocolate so of course this is my favourite way to microdose!

Sing like an angel or dance like the devil?

Dance like the Devil.

If you were the love child of two celebrities (living or dead) who would it be?

If I was the love child of 2 celebrities living or dead, they would have to be Laird Hamilton and Bob Ross.

Thank you so much for reading, friends! Interested in becoming part of our brighter community? Learn more about becoming an Ambassador for Bright Future.


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