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Cait Bousfield is a Bright Future Ambassador and owner of Good Fortune Barbershop. Cait and Good Fortune Barbershop are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Good Fortune Barbershop is an inclusive, supportive barbershop focused on providing a comfortable space for all. Their barbers endeavour to provide an experience that leaves you feeling good about yourself.

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Who are you? 

Cait Bousfield

Who are you really?!

Owner, operator and visionary of Good Fortune Barbershop, and full time dreamer.

What was your first experience with microdosing or macrodosing like?

My first experience with microdosing came in the midst of our first lock-down. Those isolation feelings were real and just like everyone I was questioning what my life will look like moving forward and how will I make a difference. After talking with friends about it, I decided to give it a chance. I remember that day so well, it was like my favourite song was playing on repeat, and I felt so much clarity in my mind. I felt like it was the first time I was seeing with my eyes fully open. It changed everything.

Why do you make the conscious choice to microdose on a regular basis?

I chose to do this for overall mental health. I am happier, definitely more aware and empathetic. It has truly helped me leap over hills with goals and struggles.

How has your mental health improved for the better since starting a path to a brighter future?

I straight up don’t think I would have opened a business in the midst of the pandemic if it wasn’t for micro dosing, it sounds wild but I truly believe it was the fuel to my flame on building what I have now. Being generally happier is also something to not shrug at, it’s like the first sunny day when all you’ve had is a week of rain. It also helped me be consistent and better at most of the things in my life.

What strategies do you use to enhance your mental health?

Microdosing, meditating, learning a new skill for my craft (barbering), taking a moment to appreciate the little things and slow down.

Where do you find inspiration for your photography? (Ex. Music, list of artists, podcast, etc)

Music has always been a huge influence, whether it’s the actual sound or style associated.

What’s your favourite Bright Future product? Why?

Neon Vision Tincture – it tastes so good, the blend gives me the juice my batteries need, easy to carry around and take.

Sing like an angel or dance like the devil?

Can’t do one without the other, if the karaoke machine is out – I’ll be singing AND dancing like the devil.

If you were the love child of 2 celebrities (living or dead) who would it be?

Freddie Mercury and Ozzy Osbourne.


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