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Do you know what Lemon Tek is? Lemon Tek is all the craze right now among avid shroom users. It may just be the best way to consume your shrooms! In this blog post, we will show these key takeaways and so much more:

  • Lemon Tek tips and tricks
  • Recommended dosage
  • A step by step on how to easily make your own

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What Is lemon tek & why make it?

What the heck is lemon tek? Lemon tek is a method of consumption known in the mushroom community as a stronger, faster, possibly better way to consume shrooms. Something seems to happen when you mix acidic juice with mushrooms, and everyone’s talking about it. So what’s it all about?

The general consensus amongst shroom lovers is that lemon tekking speeds up the time your body takes to digest your shrooms, allowing you to trip faster. People also say that this shortens the amount of time you’re tripping for, and also intensifies the experience. Lemon tek shrooms seem pretty legit. I mean, nobody wants to chew on dry, moldy mushrooms anyway. Ew.

Lemon tekking can also reduce nausea and upset stomach which some people experience when consuming shrooms. Sort of like a pepto bismol effect.

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How Does Lemon Tek Work?

Adding acidic fruit juice like lemon or lime to mushrooms is thought to mimic the acid in your stomach. This allows the shrooms to break down in the juice, reducing the amount of time they take to breakdown inside your stomach. A normal human’s stomach acidity is about 1.5-3.5 pH. Lemons have an acidity of 2-2.6 pH and limes seem to work just as well. 

*Cue Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song*

There’s no actual scientific evidence or studies to support this, so all of these findings are based off of shroom users experiences, theories and general consensus. Click this link to learn more about the chemical process involved in lemon tekking.

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How Long Do Shrooms Take To Kick In?

Without using the lemon tek method, shrooms typically take 30-90 mins to kick in. With lemon tek you can expect them to take just 10-45 mins depending on how much food you’ve consumed leading up to the time you take your shrooms.

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How Long Will My Trip Last?

Without lemon tekking, shroom trips last about 6-8 hours. With lemon tekking, your trip will most likely be quite a bit quicker and will last about 4-6 hours. People who lemon tek their shrooms also report the “end” of the trip to be more abrupt than without lemon tek. 

When doing shrooms by themselves, there’s typically quite a bit of a lead up or rise, and then the same type of gradual fall or come down. With lemon tek it’s kind of like you’re tripping hard and then all the sudden you’re not. Some people prefer it this way and others don’t. Whatever tickles your fancy. 

What To Expect:

Lemon tekkers have reported a much more aggressive and intense Psilocybin experience which is why most people don’t recommend this method for newbies. This method strengthens the potency of your mushrooms and if you’re not ready for the experience it can definitely slap you in the face. Lemon tek is more for the experienced mush lovers. 

Some have also said that they’re able to get to sleep a lot easier after their trip which is often an issue for shroom users. If you know, you know.

Recommended Lemon Tek Doses:

The majority of lemon tek experimenters say that this method makes your shrooms 2-3 times stronger than normal therefore they recommend to use about half of your usual dosage.

A typical trip dose of mushrooms is anywhere from 1-3 grams depending on your weight, metabolism and diet. It’s always best to start on the smaller side, because you can always take more BUT you can never take less. Consuming too much can lead to a “bad trip” and just overall not an enjoyable experience. 0/10 would recommend.

What You’ll Need To Lemon Tek:

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  • A grinder of some sort – weed, coffee or whatever you got!
  • Your dose of shrooms
  • 1-2 lemons/limes per dose
  • A small glass
  • A cheesecloth or coffee filters (if you’re main concern is nausea or upset stomach)

Lemon Tek How To:

an infographic on how to lemon tek magic mushrooms

  1. Grind up your shrooms into a powder.
  2. Dump your shroom powder into a small glass.
  3. Squeeze lemon (or lime) juice into your glass. Pour just a bit more than needed to cover the powder completely and mix together.
  4. Let it sit for no longer than 20 minutes. Stir every 5 minutes.
  5. Consume your mixture and prepare for takeoff. 

Now, there is another way of doing this and if you’re lemon tekking to avoid nausea, this is something you might want to do.

Instead of consuming the entire mixture, mushies and all, you can take your cheesecloth or coffee filter, strain the mushrooms out of the juice, and consume only the juice as a shot. You can dump the leftover shrooms somewhere safe.

This method is said to give a different kind of experience. You may experience more of a head high rather than a body high, and also avoids an upset stomach as your stomach doesn’t need to break down the mushrooms at all.

Lemon Tek Tea:

If you’re wanting an even easier way to digest your shrooms, or just a more enjoyable way of consumption, making your lemon tek into a tea is a great option!

All you have to do to make lemon tek tea, is to strain your concoction into a shot like mentioned above, and then pour that shot of groovy goodness into your fav hot tea. Green tea, ginger tea, or lemon/citrus teas seem to be the best choices. You can add sugar, honey or whatever else you’d like and viola! Mushroom tea. Feel free to sip away into another dimension.

What if I don’t actually want to trip out?

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of Psilocybin mushrooms by now, and maybe that’s why you’re reading this trying to figure out what the heck you’re doing. 

BUT… if you’re wanting the benefits of shrooms without actually getting high, you can try microdosing instead! Microdosing is taking a dose small enough that you don’t get high, but you can experience benefits like relief from anxiety and depression, improved mood, increased productivity, creativity, energy, and a general feeling of happiness and positivity. 

To learn more about microdosing, visit our guide HERE.

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Overall, lemon tek is the real deal and not for the faint of heart! Yes, it is an intense way to trip, but if you’re someone who often gets nauseous from shrooms or just doesn’t want to trip for a full 8 hours, lemon tek could be your new thing! Just make sure you start with a smaller dose.

What do you think? Will you try lemon tekking for your next shroom trip? Share your thoughts or experiences with us in the comments!

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