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One of three Maritime provinces in Canada, New Brunswick is the only bilingual province. The province is 83% forested, and less densely populated than any of the other Maritime provinces. Located on the most Eastern part of Canada, New Brunswick was one of the first places in North America to be explored and settled in by Europenens. It is famous to have some of the highest tides in the world, and the reversing falls, a natural phenomenon located in Saint Johns where the river flows in reverse. These natural attractions make New Brunswick a great place to enjoy a magic mushroom experience.


Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Moncton, NB
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Moncton has been named the “Hub City” because of it’s central location, as well as it’s history with land transportation for the Maritimes through the railway. It’s one of three of the major urban centres in New Brunswick, the capital city of Fredericton, along with Stain John. Take a microdose and explore Magic Mountain and enjoy Splash Zone waterpark, the Fun Zone amusement park, or Tek Zone video games. As well, Moncton is home to the Magnetic Hill Zoo, Moncton Museum, Transportation Discovery Centre, Resurgo Place, libraries and art galleries, and local marketplaces. If you’re looking to enjoy outdoor activities, there are many trails and parks where you can skate, bike or go for a stroll.

Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Fredericton, NB

Along the Saint John River which flows west to east, lies Fredericton. This city has many tasty restaurants, and craft breweries. It actually contains the highest concentration of craft producers in Canada, so if you like beer, this is the place for you. Take a microdose and enjoy a cold one, or visit Crabbe Mountain and enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the highest vertical in all the Maritimes. As well, there are many festivals year-round, trails, parks, beaches, and markets.

Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Saint John, NB

With much of it’s land surrounded by water, Saint John is popular for it’s reversing falls attraction, which is cluster of rapids along the Saint John River that run through a narrow opening and there is so much current that the rapids form in reverse to the way the water runs. This is a great place to take some magic mushrooms and enjoy the view! Other attractions in Saint John include the Saint John City Market, the New Brunswick Museum, the Fundy Trail Parkway, Market Square, Rockwood Park, Carleton Martello Tower, or Irving Nature Park.  

Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in National Parks, NB
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The national parks in New Brunswick contain some of the world’s highest tides, and more than 25 waterfalls. Take some magic mushrooms, grab a kayak, and explore the waterways, the pristine campgrounds, and observe the many aquatic animals. Other attractions include golfing, swimming, and over 100km of hiking and biking trails.


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