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Hey friends, did you know that macrodosing and microdosing can be a tool for healing an alcohol addiction?

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scientific research has in randomized clinical trials that the promising effects of psilocybin can boost ‘executive functions’ such as self-control and decision-making. 

Researchers at the University of Heidelberg treated rat models of alcholol addition with psilocybin and found that the psychedelic was effective at staving off cravings. This data was reported in the academic journal, Science Advances

The promising efects of psilocybin stem from the compound’s ability to restore expression of a specific glutamate receptor known as mGluR2, the researchers explained. Reduced expression of the receptor causes both alcohol cravings and impairments in “executive functions” such as self-control and decision-making. It turns out that long-lasting behavorial changes and molecular changes in the brain occurred as the rats became dependant on alcohol over seven weeks. 

Other research shows similar advances with psychedelic studies.  In this article, JAMA Psychiatry highlights that in a double-blind randomized clinical trial with 93 participants, the percentage of heavy drinking days during 32 weeks of follow-up was significantly lower in the psilocybin group than in the placebo focused group.  

Knowing this incredible information, we couldn’t pass up on finding a new way to share healing experiences for our community. Microdosing can upkeep a new habit of reduced alcoholic beverages while you’re out with friends or in a social space.

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