Fungi For Performance

Reishi: Supports immune and nervous systems, boosts resiliency, adaptogens support the body under stress. Reishi mushrooms are a great support to athletes or anyone who is pushing their body physically. These fungi are also known to aid in recovery and improve sleep!

Cordyceps: Increases the body’s ability to absorb and store oxygen, produce more ATP (energy), and boosts stamina which makes this mushroom incredibly helpful for runners and other high performance athletes… or perhaps just that little extra boost to take your whole Costco haul inside in one trip.

Turkey Tail (Coriolus): Contains prebiotics to help cleanse your digestive system, helps the body absorb nutrients, and make the most out of all those green smoothies you sometimes drink.

Chaga: Balances your energy levels and supports your immune system post workout when you’re most susceptible to getting sick! This fungi is also an anti-inflammatory which will help decrease inflammation in your muscles and joints after a hard workout.

Maitake: Fights tumours, stimulates immune system, may help level out blood sugar levels, improve cholesterol levels, and lower blood pressure.

Psilocybin: Although there’s very little scientific studies on Psilocybin (specifically microdosing) for athletic performance, here’s what we’ve gathered from our research:

  • May improve mental stamina which in turn improves physical performance
  • Improves focus and attention when playing sports
  • May increase endurance and cardiovascular stamina

Physical Performance

We’re talking about physical, athletic, and mental performance benefits along with overall health support, and we’re gonna tell you which mushrooms you could be taking to feel like a cross between Albert Einstein and Usain Bolt.

Mushrooms have a never ending list of benefits. They’re absolutely incredible and one of the most underrated superfoods of all time. One of the massive benefits in various types of fungi across the board is improved performance, and that’s what we’re talking about in this post. Total human optimization… with fungi.

Mental Performance

Functional mushrooms are most commonly known for their effects on mental performance and brain health. Mushrooms contain antioxidants which have anti aging properties. This slows down the aging process of the brain and may even prevent Alzheimer’s. 

Fungi has been used for hundreds of years to boost cognitive function and improve mental performance. Mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular in the mental health space and are being used to treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, and even PTSD. Below is a list of mushrooms for mental health and performance!

Lion’s Mane: Stimulates growth of new neurons in the brain, helps with repairing neurons, and could actually reverse neurological damage. This crazy looking fungi could potentially cure people who suffer from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Dementia. *insert mind blown emoji here* Click this link to learn more about Lion’s Mane for Alzheimer’s.

Reishi: Balances hormones, boosts mood, calms anxiety and relieves depression. This medicinal mushroom also improves sleep, as mentioned above, which improves concentration, focus, and supports hormonal health.

Cordyceps: May prevent memory loss and reduce stress on the mind, and with all the chaos in the world right now I think we could all use a little brain yoga. 

Chaga: Protects against memory loss and may actually improve memory. If you supplement this into your diet, maybe you’ll finally remember where you put your other airpod.

Turkey Tail (Coriolus): Contains antioxidants which prevent aging of the brain. Other benefits include stimulating the immune system and they are antibacterial and antiviral.


Mostly known as the recreational fun-in-the-forest fungi, this breed of mushroom has powerful healing properties that are being taken very seriously in the world of natural medicine. This mushroom has an effect on the brain similar to turning on a light switch which activates communication between neurological pathways and can actually reshape cells in the brain. This mushroom is thought of to be the “reset button” for the mind.

Known for use in larger doses, this mushroom can be used in therapy sessions to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, and end of life distress. Patients have reported lasting relief from such conditions for up to months after just one session.

Taken in lower doses more frequently (microdosing), Psilocybin has been known for improving cognitive function and mental performance by increasing focus, productivity, creativity, and overall mood. Silicon Valley professionals have been microdosing Psilocybin for mental performance which in turn is boosting their careers. Microdosing also has a big impact on anxiety, depression and overall mental health. People have reported being able to better manage stress, emotions and fear, as well as feeling more optimistic and generally happier… And who doesn’t want to feel better? Sign me up.

Whether you’re wanting to up your squat game at the gym, or strive for that next promotion at work, you should consider adding functional mushrooms to your supplement routine! They have SO many benefits not only for mental and physical performance, but they support overall health which is more important now than ever. 

Here at Bright Future, we believe in the power of fungi which is why we use a variety of both functional and psychedelic mushrooms in our products. We believe you can get the best of both worlds in one product. Whether you’re looking for relief from anxiety and depression, or to boost creativity and productivity, we’ve got you. 

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