The Microdosing Starter Kit Bundle

Embark on a transformative journey with our Microdosing Starter Kit, carefully curated to guide you towards self-discovery, enhanced productivity, and a conscious, empowered life. Whether you’re new to microdosing or seeking to optimize your experience, this bundle offers a holistic approach to self-improvement.

Here’s what awaits you:

  1. Capsules – The Micro (30 per bottle): For those curious about microdosing, The Micro is your ideal starting point. This organic mushroom blend, featuring adaptogens, enhances mood, encourages creative thinking, and boosts productivity without euphoria. The Micro harnesses the power of mushroom adaptogens to improve focus, and alleviate depression, anxiety, and PTSD, allowing you to unlock your full potential of happiness and success.
  2. Tincture – The Daily Dose (30 1ml Doses per Bottle): Elevate your energy and mood effortlessly with The Daily Dose. This easy-to-use tincture, featuring an organic mushroom mix combined with adaptogens and 100mg of Bright Future nootropic blends, provides unstoppable energy for your daily flow. Just one drop transforms your mood, elevates your mind, and unleashes limitless creativity, helping you handle anything that comes your way with bulletproof confidence.
  3. Milk Chocolate (3000mg Bright Future Nootropic Blend): Indulge your taste buds in a decadent journey with our Swiss milk chocolate infused with 3000mg of our Bright Future Nootropic Blend. This delightful treat, with its magical twist, is perfect for microdosing or sharing a trip with friends. Chocolate and mushrooms, like unicorns and glitter, complement each other seamlessly, offering a rich experience. Satisfy your chocolate cravings while transcending time and space.
  4. Sample Packs of Drink Powders: Coffee, Matcha, Tea, Energy: Dive into a variety of drink powders designed to complement your microdosing routine. Whether you prefer the boldness of coffee, the tranquility of tea, the vibrancy of matcha, or the boost of energy, our sample packs allow you to explore and tailor your experience to suit your preferences.
  5. Odin, Microdosing Journal: Odin is not just a journal; it’s your ally in breaking free from limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits. With step-by-step guidance, structured daily reflections, and in-depth self-analysis, Odin empowers you to find your optimal dose, unravel thought patterns, and pave the way for profound personal transformation. This journal goes beyond being just a tracker—it’s a tool for creating a better, more conscious version of yourself.

Embark on your microdosing journey with the Microdosing Starter Kit—a comprehensive package to elevate your mind, transform your habits, and embrace a conscious, empowered life. Unlock the door to your full potential today.


  1. Capsules: The micro 70$
  2. The daily dose tincture 75$
  3. Chocolate: milk 40$
  4. The journal $30 (regular price $39)
  5. Sample pack of drinks: one of each (coffee, matcha, tea, energy) 

Original price was: $224.00.Current price is: $162.00.

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