Social Bliss Bundle

  • Infuse warmth, joy, and connection into your indoor, social activities. Move beyond traditional social experiences and embrace a more conscious, connected way to enjoy your evenings without the morning-after hangover.

    Here’s what get with this bundle:

    1. Gummies Raspberry Daiquiri: Engage in a craft night with friends, creating handmade winter decorations. Enjoy Raspberry Daiquiri Gummies to add a burst of flavor to your creative endeavors. The delightful treat turns your craft night into a shared journey of artistic expression and connection.
    2. Sample Pack of Gummies: Strawberry Lemonade Margarita and Mojito: As the snow blankets the outdoors, host a dance party indoors with your closest friends. Share the Strawberry Lemonade Margarita and Mojito gummies, adding a refreshing twist to your dance floor. Every beat becomes an opportunity for shared laughter and lighthearted moves.
    3. Milk Chocolate (3000mg Bright Future Nootropic Blend): Gather around a fireplace for connected conversations with friends. Share the Milk Chocolate bar and indulge in a journey of shared experiences. The rich, decadent chocolate complements the warmth of the hearth, turning your evening into a heartwarming conversation by the fire.
    4. Tincture, Neon Vision: Host a connected conversation night, delving into meaningful discussions with friends. Elevate the ambiance by adding Neon Vision Tincture to your drinks. The synergistic blend sparks creativity and deepens the connection, turning your conversation night into a journey of shared insights.
    5. Sample Pack for Capsules: The Party + The Hustler: Plan a virtual gathering with friends from different locations. Sample The Party and The Hustler capsules to ensure everyone is energized, focused, and ready for a night of online fun. Whether it’s virtual games or just catching up, the capsules enhance the joy of being together, even from a distance.

    Immerse yourself in the “Social Bliss” Bundle and turn your indoor winter activities into moments of shared joy, connection, and fun. Order now and let the magic of winter unfold in every social interaction!

    What you’ll get in the “Social Bliss” Bundle: 

    • Gummies (1 Large Raspberry) valued at $40
    • The Party valued at $60
    • Milk chocolate valued at $40
    • Tincture (Neon Vision) valued at $75
    • Samples (The Strawberry Lemonade Margarita + The Mojito) FREE

Original price was: $239.00.Current price is: $179.99.

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