30 1ml drops per bottle

full dropper = 1ml

(13 customer reviews)
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Pure, powerful and all natural for improved performance and an elevated state of mind.


Our mushroom products are as natural as the earth they come from.

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Straight from the source to you. We sustainably grow and produce all of our ingredients and extracts.


You won’t have to worry about ingesting repellent with us. Our products are as pure as can be!


All killer, no filler! We make products that feel good for your mind, body and soul.

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(13 customer reviews)

13 reviews for Tinctures

  1. ma_new_ella

    5 star ⭐️

  2. Danny (verified owner)

    Working great. My fiancé is taking the Neon Vision and I’m taking the Daily Dose. We’re doing the STAMETS protocol. Both of us have noticed it takes the edge off anxiousness and racy thoughts. I’ve been suffering from migraines. Pressures gone. My thoughts are focused and I can finish tasks without constantly checking my phone. My fiancé doesn’t get anxious and usually gives herself an upset stomach which was causing ulcers…. so far no upsets stomachs.

  3. thecheyennekid

    I started microdosing for the first time recently with the Daily Dose Tincture. For reference, I’m doing the Fadiman schedule and am on week three. On my first dose, it took a noticeable edge off of my anxiety. I have generalized anxiety disorder and am currently not on medication or prescriptions. Bright Future’s product has improved how my mind and body carry stress. My head felt a bit clearer; it was easier to let go of racing or intrusive thoughts. As a bonus, the tincture tastes like a yummy espresso chocolate mix. I’ll be back for more!

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