30 1ml drops per bottle

full dropper = 1ml

(13 customer reviews)
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Pure, powerful and all natural for improved performance and an elevated state of mind.


Our mushroom products are as natural as the earth they come from.

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Straight from the source to you. We sustainably grow and produce all of our ingredients and extracts.


You won’t have to worry about ingesting repellent with us. Our products are as pure as can be!


All killer, no filler! We make products that feel good for your mind, body and soul.

What are people saying?


(13 customer reviews)

13 reviews for Tinctures

  1. Timothy

    I have just recently used mushrooms and used a very small dose in doing so. The results were very favorable and my sister who I reside with also enjoys the results of mushrooms. The matter was brought to my attention to my son who was having some behavioral problems. He was having difficulty with concentrating, multi-tasking and anxiety. His memory seemed to also be of a concern. I found the mushroom to help me on some minor issues, such as disturbed sleep, panic and anxiety. The results were amazing. Therefore I have decided to order some of your product and continue use as needed.

  2. StaceyMaple (verified owner)

    This product has opened my eyes and my mind. I am not keen on prescription meds and have used natural resources with far more synergy. The tincture is best for those who aren’t able to digest mushrooms traditionally! This product when taken in the morning to start they day gives a sense of calm and a touch of energy. It is very welcome and appreciated!

  3. ashleyp (verified owner)

    I just started taking Neon Vision today, and I immediately felt the edge taken off. I was feeling sadness and depression a lot yesterday from external triggers, I also just recently came off of my Western medication that I’d been taking for years. When I took my first drop this morning, whilst still feeling depressed and emotional, within minutes I started to feel better. By better I mean, I no longer felt like drowning in my self-sorrow. I managed to get up and do things including going to the beach without that deep dark sadness lingering around. I look forward to seeing how Neon Vision continues to help me on my journey if the results from the first drop was impressive.

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