What is the deal with microdosing mushrooms?  Discussions surrounding microdosing have become so common that we were hearing about it everywhere we look.  From books, to podcasts, movies to investment pitches, from hippies to wellness guru’s microdosing is definitely having a moment.  

While many people are familiar with the concept of microdosing, the large majority of people don’t know what it is.  Microdosing is a broad term and can apply to the consumption of small amounts of many different medicines or drugs. We are going to focus on the most common form, which is microdosing mushrooms.

magic mushroom microdosing

First off it is important to understand which specific mushrooms we are referring to.  We are not talking about chopping up Portobello’s and eating them throughout the day.  The mushrooms that provide the benefits people are searching for are functional and medicinal mushrooms.  While many of the functional mushrooms like chaga, reishi, lions mane, cordyceps (and others) provide astounding health benefits, the more specific microdose ingredient is psilocybin or magic mushrooms.

When most people hear the term magic mushrooms, it conjures up images of hippies at Woodstock, psychedelic imagery and free love.  Microdosing mushrooms is however a very different concept altogether.  Many of the world’s elite thinkers, business people, athletes and top performers are touting the benefits of microdosing.  The idea behind microdosing mushrooms is that it provides sub perceptual effects (meaning you won’t be seeing things melting or pink elephants) while hyper connecting different areas in your brain and building new neuro pathways.  Microdose consumption of psilocybin mushrooms provides a dramatic list of positive benefits that people are able to harness without the hallucinogenic trip.

Dosage for Microdosing mushrooms

Mushroom dosage can be tricky as there are numerous variables to consider.  Do you want to “feel” the mushrooms effects a little or not at all.  Do you typically have a high or low tolerance to medications?  Are you a large person or small?  There are many questions that will affect the mushroom microdose amount that you will want to take.  Due to the early stages of research we don’t yet have a rich history on the subject so most information circulating is relatively based on user experience and there is a vast array of opinions and experiences.


As psilocybin is gaining incredible popularity both in the medical realm and in the world in general, more conclusive research is being conducted every day.  Research has been proving effective reduction of depression, anxiety, PTSD, fear of death and many other huge problems that plague our world.  Microdosing mushrooms are becoming a staple in many people’s lives as they are seeing its immense effects on improved mood, focus and energy.

Microdosing news

Mushroom microdosing has started to create a frenzy in mainstream media. Psilocybin, as well as other psychoactive drugs, are breaking free of social stigma and paving the way for improvements in the medical industry as well as major gains in the stock market. 

Here are some of the big leaders in psychedelic research:

Aion Therapeutic | CNSE: AION
Aion Therapeutic is an emerging unique international pharmaceutical company specializing in joining together the healing powers of medical cannabis and medicinal mushroom compounds

HAVN Labs is building a psychedelic supply chain for clinical researchers. Through research, extraction, formulation and delivery of psychedelics, HAVN aspires to define and standardize the future of modern medicine.

Mind Cure Health CNSE: MCUR
MindCure uncovers opportunities to promote healing through psychedelic treatment protocols and synthesizes compounds for commercial use in clinical studies that show therapeutic potential.

NeonMind Biosciences | CNSE: NEON.CN
Neon Mind aims to help people change their lives by changing their minds, through treatment with psychedelics. Currently, they are focusing on weight loss 

Bright Future Mushroom Microdosing

Bright Future believes in utilizing only the highest quality organic ingredients and ensuring dosages are accurate and predictable every time.  Through years of experimentation and testing various ingredients and methods, Bright Future has developed a line of high performance microdose products that will improve your overall wellness.  Our specific blend of ingredients support immune systems, improve mood, sharpen focus and boost energy.

Unlike many other mushroom microdosing companies popping up simply focused on making a buck, Bright Future stands firmly on the belief that this is legitimate medicine and is a tool that has the capacity to improve mankind.  The founders of Bright Future had such profound positive effects on their personal lives that they feel compelled to share these mushrooms with everyone.

Guide to microdosing mushrooms

There are so many questions and conversations surrounding mushroom microdosing that we have put together a microdosing guide which outlines various dosage protocols, frequently asked questions, methods of consumption and more.  At Bright Future we want to remove any negative stigma associated with mushrooms and are passionate about teaching the healing power that mushroom microdosing can provide.

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