Shroom tea is the hot topic of the day! In this blog we’re going to tell you why you might want to try shroom tea for your next mushroom trip instead of eating raw mushies, cause yuck! Keep reading to learn:

  • Why you should make mushroom tea
  • What you’ll need to make it
  • A 5 step shroom tea recipe

Keep scrolling to find out how you can make shroom tea at home in 5 easy steps!


Shroom tea is essentially taking dried magic mushrooms and making them into a tea so they’re easier to consume. Many people experience an upset stomach and nausea when eating dried, raw shrooms. Making them into a tea can alleviate nausea by breaking down the shrooms before you consume them.

Making shroom tea not only relieves the stomach from having to work so hard, but it’s also a more enjoyable way to consume your shrooms. This method is a similar idea to lemon tekking, view our lemon tek blog here.


Well if you’ve ever choked down dried mushrooms before you know they are disgusting to say the least. We’re not a fan of gagging on our shrooms, so we’re always looking for more enjoyable ways to consume them. 

Magic mushroom tea is an easy way to consume your shrooms with stuff you might already have on hand at home! There are also a few other benefits to making mushroom tea that you may want to know about before going forth with your mushroom adventure.


Making your magic mushrooms into a tea will allow the cell walls of the mushrooms to break down in the hot water. This process is basically making your mushrooms into an extract which in turn means they’re quicker and easier to digest. You can even strain out the mushroom material afterwards to prevent nausea even further! Nobody wants to throw up their shrooms after consumption… That’s just a waste.

Shroom tea effects

Similar to lemon tekking, shroom tea will make your trip come on faster, a bit more intense, and end quicker. Some people prefer this for their trip experience, and other people don’t! It’s totally your preference. 

You may also want to take a bit smaller of a dose in your tea than you would normally take with raw, dried mushrooms due to the increase in intensity. It’s always best to start on the smaller side. Once you consume your dose, there’s no going back. Taking too much can cause a bad trip, and that’s definitely not the goal. We’re looking for a good time, not a really long, uncomfortable and fun ruining time, ok? Chill out on the dosage.


How long does it take to kick in?

You can expect your trip to start sooner than it would if you consumed dried, raw mushrooms due to the shrooms being kind of pre-digested in the hot water. Typically shrooms take about 30-90 mins to kick in. With consuming them as a tea, you can expect them to take just 10-45 mins!

How long does it last?

A normal shroom trip lasts roughly 6-8 hours. A mushroom tea trip may last you about 4-6 hours. Everyone is different, so just be prepared, open, and ready for a good time!

How To Make Shroom Tea:

Visit our lemon tek blog for information about dosage as they will be about that same!

What You’ll Need:

  • A scale to weigh out your dose
  • A grinder of some sort (weed, coffee, whatever you got!)

  • Fresh ginger (optional for nausea)
  • Tea of your choice. Most popular teas are Chamomile, Ginger or Lemon.
  • Honey or sweetener of choice
  • Strainer (optional)

Shroom Tea Recipe

Step 1: Weigh out your dose! Like we mentioned before, go with a bit smaller of a dose than you normally would as this method provides a more intense experience. You can always take more, but you cannot take less!

Step 2: Grind up your shrooms into a fine powder. Chop up your ginger if you choose to include it, and add it to the powder.

Step 3: Pour your hot water over your powder and add your tea bag.

Step 4: Let it sit for 10-15 mins

Step 5: Add your honey or sweetener and you’re ready to sip away space and time.

Safe travels and have a nice flight!

Optional: If you’re concerned about nausea, you can strain the leftover mushrooms bits out of your tea so your stomach doesn’t have to digest them. This can really help for people who often experience an upset stomach from shrooms!

Watch this video for a more in depth demonstration on how to make shroom tea.

Microdosing vs. Macrodosing

We’ve been talking this whole time about macrodosing with mushroom tea (taking a larger dose in order to get high)… but what about microdosing with tea?

If you don’t know what microdosing is, go read this blog post!

Did you know you can also microdose with shroom tea? You can either follow the steps above and just add about 100mg of magic mushrooms to your tea, or you can purchase a pre-made tea powder that also contains 100mg of psilocybin.


Shroom tea may just be your new favourite way to consume your magic mushrooms! Making your shrooms into tea breaks them down, makes them easier to digest, and gives a quicker and more intense trip. You also don’t have to choke down nasty dry shrooms, so it’s really a win win. 

What do you think of shroom tea? Have you tried it? Are you going to?

Let us know in the comments!

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